Commercial Property Fire Disasters Require Specialized Firms For Repairs To Ensure Minimal Business Interuption

When disaster strikes your business in the form of a fire, it can seem like all you’ve worked for is lost. With both fire and water damage to contend with, it can very quickly become overwhelming. The longer it takes to get the repairs completed, the more revenue is lost. The possibility of permanent property damage and the health implications of unresolved water damage increases with each passing day.

Only a firm that specializes in this kind of clean up and repairs can get your business back on track with a minimal amount of delay. You need an experienced professional crew, with state-of-the-art equipment and technology, to take charge of every aspect of the restoration of your business.

With a specialized firm, the crew is knowledgeable about how to assess contents to decide what can and cannot be restored. There are many things to be considered, the kind of soot, fuel source, exposure time and temperature, what the textiles affected are composed of, etc. A crew without prior experience in this kind of work would be unable to do the job properly. Restoring electronics, fine art, furniture and garments are just a few of the things the right firm can accomplish. After they are cleaned, repaired and deodorized, your contents will typically be stored in a secure place until they can be returned.

A specialized firm will begin their work as soon as the fire is over and the property is stable. Providing estimates promptly and working with insurance adjusters to keep things moving along smoothly and quickly is an important aspect of their job. An experienced crew will understand how crucial it is to move quickly to extract standing water, dry the affected area thoroughly and apply an anti- microbial agent to prevent the growth of dangerous bacteria.

Repairing and restoring a business after a fire is a complicated process that should be left to experts who specialize in that type of work. They have the expertise necessary to handle any situation that might arise because they have dealt with practically every possible scenario at some time or other in their careers. Even if demolition and complete reconstruction is the only option, the right specialized firm will demolish and clean-up, frame, drywall and plaster, lay down flooring, insulate, do trim work and cabinetry, do electrical wiring and plumbing, install HVAC system, do roofing, install doors and windows and even the finishing touches like paint and wallpaper. There will be an expert on every job every step of the way to the complete restoration of your business. You go from feeling overwhelmed as you stand in the midst of the rubble left by a fire to complete relief when you are able to reopen the doors to your restored business.

Contributions to this article were made from the disaster recovery team from Jarvis Property Restoration, a firm that specializes in helping property owners recover in Oakland, Macomb, Wayne County Michigan. You can find more information about services on their website to help with any type of property disaster recovery efforts. Find assistance with property disaster and emergencies online.

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